Dorota and Peter teaching musicality

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Other videos
Advanced LA Style Figure 3An advanced LA style combination. Be careful with the outside turn after the peek-a-boo!
Advanced Cuban Figure 2An advanced cuban style combination. Be careful at the beginning, the arms must be precise and relaxed!
Advanced Cuban Figure 3This one is a little bit surprising, make sure you don't loose the hands!
Advanced LA Style Figure 2A combination with a lot of spins for the guy. You need to be very precise to get this one right.
Intermediate Cuban FigureAn intermediate cuban combinations that looks quite tricky, but it is surprisingly easy to do!
Advanced Cuban Figure 1An advanced cuban combination. You need to be very precise to make this one so comfortable that it looks to be easy.
Intermediate LA Style FigureFrom the Partnerwork courses.
Advanced LA Style Figure 1From the Partnerwork Training course.
Dorota and Peter teaching musicalityDorota and Peter made a musicality workshop at the Summer Salsa Festival 2007. This is one of the moves from the class.
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Impressum, AGB