Fige's Figures DVD Trailer

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Dorota and Peter freestyleFrom the new DVD Salsa Partnerwork Technique.
Edie and Peter improvisingEdie and Peter improvising for the song Malambo.
Edie and Peter social dancingEdie, the Salsa Freak, and Peter were improvising in a Hungarian salsa club, just after the DVD shooting of the DVDs "Musicality Moves" and "Fige's Figures".
Fige's Figures DVD TrailerTeaser of the new DVD from Edie, the Salsa Freak, and Peter Fige. 20 great partnerwork combinations explained in detail with styling tipps for ladies and guys.
Musicality Moves DVD TrailerTeaser of the revolutionary new DVD from Edie, the Salsa Freak, and Peter Fige. Learn how to react to the hits and breaks in the music!

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